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Welltec Machinery Ltd. wonderfully struck a pose in Shanghai Adsale CPRJ Packaging Forum

2017-09-27 17:09:24 Read

“Forth CPRJ Plastic Packaging Technology Forum & Exhibition” was held in Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel on August 4. As one of main engine manufacturers of plastic packaging industry, Welltec Machinery Ltd. shared our experience in plastic packaging machinery industry and product demonstration with participants on site. The theme of the forum was “plastic packaging focuses on action, innovation • high efficiency • environmental protection”.

As the sponsor disclosed, over 450 representatives from foreign and domestic packaging, relevant materials of plastic packaging, process suppliers and other upstream and downstream enterprise and industry association in the whole industry chain, including: China Packaging Federation, China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, State Key Laboratory of Food Contact Materials Testing, Shanghai Plastic Industry Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association, Jinan University, Jiangnan University and other leading industrial associations and organizations.


Application Technology Director of our Engineering Department, Mr. Zeng Zijian, introduced Application of High-speed Thin-wall Specialized Injection Molding Machine in Food Packaging Industry on site. Our newest high-speed thin-wall specialized injection molding machine obtained the requirement of product for the machine by knowing the requirements of customers for the product. And we would optimize and improve the machine, making it keep pace with the times and further accord with the production requirements of the customers. New type had large optimization and improvement in clamping structure, electronic control system, injection structure and other aspects.

Deputy Secretary General of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Ding Shaohui, proposed that there were mainly five development directions in future plastic packaging material market: light weight and functional thin film, bioplastic, intramembrane labeling packaging and convenient packaging. These five directions were exactly what Welltec Machinery Ltd. was currently doing and was about to move forward.

The president of Adsale Group of the forum sponsor, Mr. Zhu Yulun, made a speech and pointed that, plastic packaging was one of the most important force and the size of plastic packaging industry gradually expanded. Welltec Machinery Ltd. would continuously take efforts and provide better products, technologies and services for industrial customers and friends in plastic packaging industry.

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