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Chemical micro – foaming
Chemical micro-foaming injection technology and its application in auto industry

Chemical micro-foaming injection technology

Micro-foaming injection moulding technology can significantly reduce the weight of workpiece on the presumption of 

of maintaining the workpiece performance. It is characterised with low internal stress,less surface defects, and special 

moulding advantages for products with large wall thickness differences. Compared with conventional injection moulding, 

structural foam injection moulding, chemical foam injection moulding and gas-assisted injection moulding, it has unique 

advantages in many aspects, which therefore has become an important branch in the development of injection moulding 

technology in recent years.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of micro-foamed products

SEM image of cross section of micro-foamed sample 10x

SEM image of cross section of micro-foamed cutting board 100x

Application in auto industry

Suitable for the fabrication of automobile interior parts, such as door panel, column, storage compartment, liftgate, etc.
The product features low internal stress and warpage, high straightness, zero shrinkage and stable size.
The product weight can be reduced by more than 20%.
The repeatability of the micro-opening distance is less than ±0.05mm.
The linear speed of injection is greater than 200mm/s.
The energy consumption of the whole machine is in line with the national first-level energy consumption standard.
It can be used as a standard injection moulding machine when the foaming function is disabled.
The machine has been awarded national patents.
The technical support for complete sets of micro-foamed products, such as materials and moulds are available.
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